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GoTo TRAILS is a product of a regional trail planning project focused on the Industrial Heartland Trail network. In 2012, a coalition of 48-counties situated in four states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and New York) formally joined forces to develop a 1,450 mile long multi-use trail system in the industrial heartland of America by 2035. The effort lead by the Pennsylvania Environmental Council and the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy and supported by partner organizations such as the National Park Service, the Montour Trail Council, Friends of the Riverfront, the Allegheny Trail Alliance, the Ohio-Erie Canalway Coalition as well as others has lead to a unified vision. Equally important is the common voice that the coalition has struck in support of trail advocacy.


As a means of facilitating this ambitious endeaver, the coalition developed an online method to share, collaborate and brain-storm. The GoTo TRAILS platform integrates GIS, web browsers and other web-based technologies to overcome vast distances, levels of understanding and available resource capacities.


Since the development of GoTo TRAILS platform, several other regions such as the Circuit in Philadelphia have begun to share their trail information as well. Today, GoTo TRAILS provides a no-cost platform for trail planners, managers and explorers to find information about trails.

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Frank Maguire

Pennsylvania Environmental Council President and CEO 2124 Penn Avenue, 2nd floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Pennsylvania Environmental Council Trails Program Manager 2124 Penn Avenue, 2nd floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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