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The Resource section of GoTo TRAILS contains a gallery of Trail Maps for each partner region of GoTo TRAILS, a Planning Library and WebMap User Guide. The Trail Map Galleries provide interactive links to each of the region's trail-related GIS webmaps. Three different toolsets are available for each region depending upon how you want to use, interact and collaborate with the maps. The toolsets are organized and color-coded by the following areas of use: Planner, Manager and Explorer.


The Planning Library provides trail enthusiasts convenient access to an invaluable set of socio-economic datasets, reference guides, web links, grant applications and other planning and construction resources. The Planning Library is organized by region and showcases the trail issues and planning perspectives found in each region.


WebMap Assistance provides an online catolog of tutoiral videos and an instructional manual regarding the layout, operations and functionality of the various regional webmaps. WebMap Assistance can be downloaded and/or printed for reference when you're working offline.

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